Hey there! Here is Natalie 👋

I'm glad to meet you, but I'd rather take photos of you. Let's do something about it!

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My photography story

As far as I remember, I started to be interested in photography around the year 2010, when I discovered how fun it can be to look at the world through the lens. Thanks to my father and my high school friend L., I spent a lot of time shooting and filling memory cards with tons of photos. With L., we spent evenings scrolling through Flickr, being excited about each new photo published by our favorite photographers. One of them was Olivia Bee, barely known at that time, who is today's world-famous photographer. I felt so inspired!

In 2020, I still have the same curiosity and desire to photograph, and especially you - people! What I love about portrait photography is the work with people, because to make a great portrait that uncovers the personality, you first need to see the person's character. That requires some time, a little chat, before you get to know the person better. I've met so many interesting people thanks to photography, I can tell! That's the added value I see in it. Photography not only helps me to find patterns and navigate myself in today's world, but it also brings so many new viewpoints to my life that I can't imagine living without it anymore.


To broaden my photography knowledge and cultive my photography taste, I attended a numerous photo workshops and courses, some of which you can see below.

2015 Scholastika
Photo atelier under the guidance of Jiří Týn

Adobe course under the guidance of Peter Fabo

2014 Matela Studio
Professional qualification - Photo reporter

2011, 2012 FotoInstitut
Photo courses under the guidance of Kamil Varga

Do you want to have your own photos or are you interested in some prints? I will be happy to hear more!

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